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Information Mission for identifying the specific needs

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Information Mission for identifying the specific needs Empty Information Mission for identifying the specific needs

Post  Lexi Sat Jun 18, 2011 4:06 am

It is necessary to identify information needs with regard to low-cost housing in different areas, regions, states and countries.  For this purpose, an Information Mission should be sent to the field in select geo-climatic regions so that appropriate information systems could be devised to suit the requirements of the target population.
In cities like Cochin, almost all the leading builders do in depth studies and analysis before embarking on a real estate project.  Consider the proliferation of Apartments in Cochin .  The leading property developers have done their homework and have understood the immediate needs of a large section of the population. 
With a large number of people returning to their home state, the demand for apartments and flats are on the rise.  To cash in on the new opportunity, the leading builders have put in place world-class infrastructures at local costs.  The expatriate population in need of high-class amenities and comforts are the target group in need of luxurious apartments and villas.  For this category of people, quality is the main unavoidable aspect.
In Cochin, apartments that cost more than one crore rupees are now commonplace.  Such a trend is practically unknown in other parts of the state.  Only in Cochin can you see such purchasing power and also continuous demand for high cost apartments.  Literally speaking, the purchasing power of the people of this destination is higher than that of their counterparts in other parts of the state. 
Trivandrum is the capital city of the state of Kerala.  Nevertheless, this historic city is no match for the overwhelming number of business deals taking lace in Cochin, the commercial capital of Kerala.  Thus, the purchasing power of the people in Cochin is always on the higher side and it is rightly evident in the proliferation of luxury apartments and costly limousines vying with other vehicles in the city roads.


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